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TAKUSEN ♛ たくせん - tiger and bunny
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Don’t move! I’ll show you no mercy if you insist on talking such nonsense.
You’re the one who’s talking nonsense! Did you even forget about the time I gave you that towel too? Remember? I spilled coffee on your towel and ruined it. And I gave you a really cool towel to replace it. I really am Wild Tiger! Please believe me!


Prince Keith, colored.

holy crap he does look like a Disney prince…



Watanabe asia's art isnt that good?... How so?



It’s a combination of personal preference plus her work being overrated. I don’t like how her artwork often doesn’t even make the characters look like themselves like this (nsfw) for example. Would you be able to tell it was Kotetsu if there was no T&B label on it? Or draws Barnaby’s hair like complete shit. I think there’s a difference between heavily stylized art like this and her artwork.

I give it that she doesn’t have yaoi hand syndrome and draws proportions correctly. And granted, porn doujinshi doesn’t have a high bar set in the first place. But she’s not what I would call one the best artists in the fandom.

And oh god I just tl;dr about porn doujinshi.

I agree with all of this, course, I barely made it through the first Candy Man. I have looked at some of her other stuff and it’s just such a big nope for me personally.

The characterization I saw really bothers me though. Again, probably mostly a personal thing - I try very hard to keep good characterization in my fics (well okay, with Kotetsu it’s not too hard), then she just sort of :/ all over them.

^^^ It is physically impossible for me to agree more than i already do with this. I’ve always personally found Watanabe Asia’s work (especially Candy Man) to be overrated and never understand the fad.


Keith Goodman by Miwa Shirow