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TAKUSEN ♛ たくせん - kotetsu t. kaburagi
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[Source: Excerpt from “【腐向け】虎狩無配+通販開始のお知らせ【T&B】” by meco@pixiv]

[Notes: This is 3 pages of a 17 page comic about young!Kotetsu stumbling across little!Barnaby in Sternbild one day. I’ll probably get around to doing the whole thing eventually, but I just want to share this part because it’s adorable. I don’t even usually like things with child!characters, but I loved this.]

Barnaby: What about you, Kotetsu? Do you have a dream?
Kotetsu: Ah, I’m glad you asked! My dream… is to get my kid to say that I’m cool!
Barnaby: That’s simple enough.
Kotetsu: Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?
Barnaby: That’s not really a dream. It’s a desire.
Kotetsu: Who cares about your standards! To me, it’s a dream!

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